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Welcome to the LOBF – where our gentle commitment lies in uplifting lives through skilled trades. As a nonprofit, our heartfelt mission is to extend a helping hand to those venturing into the realm of Skilled Trades, cultivating not only careers but the very essence of life itself.

Our vision reverberates with the idea of empowerment. We seek to illuminate pathways by providing crucial financial resources, while also weaving stories of history and the invaluable contribution of skilled trade workers. In fostering understanding, we illuminate the array of career choices that can blossom into a brighter future for individuals and their loved ones.

Join us in our journey, where aspirations blend with reality. Our roadmap is illuminated by a few cherished goals:

🔧 Nurturing Financial Education and Support for Skilled Trades

🔧 Forging Bonds with Educational and Trade Institutions

🔧 Advocating as the Compassionate Voice of Skilled Trades

🔧 Kindling Global Awareness of Profound Skilled Trade Opportunities

Let's walk hand in hand, building futures and igniting a transformation that echoes through generations.

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