Lynnette O Blocker Foundation offers a multitude of services to assist students and adults on their pathway to success. Our members are empowered to investigate their pathways and network with employers to find the right industry for them. We work with companies and organizations to employ our students during career fairs and recruitment.

Lynette O Blocker Foundation offers a wide range of programs and services that will help you reach your goals, both while you’re at Lynette O Blocker Foundation and long after. 

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Changing Careers


The Lynnette O Blocker Foundation is using its years of experience and knowledge to help students and adults transition into new ...

Skill Development


Along with the skills needed to pursue any career, all companies look for quality people with good Leadership capabilities. Our program...

Financial Resources


With the financial resources provided by the foundation, our members are better able to afford for the things necessary to develop....

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