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The MISSION on the LOBF, is to Serve as a financial resource to individuals pursuing a career in the areas of the Skilled Trades Industry and to encourage one's quality of life.

Our vision is to provide financial resources and educate the communities on the history, need for skilled trade workers and the many career choices that can be pursued as a way to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families...

Check out some of our goals..

  • To provide financial education and support for Skilled Trades

  • Partner with Educational and Trade Institutions

  • Become a voice for the Skilled Trade profession

  • Increase awareness to the global community pertaining to skilled trade opportunities

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David Blocker Sr

David G. Blocker Sr. was educated in the Detroit public school system and attended Michigan Lutheran College before joining the Detroit Police Department (DPD) at the age of 21. He served 27 years with the police department in a variety of assignments ranging from a school resource officer to child abuse and neglect investigator; the area from which he retired. David has always had a passion for providing positive enrichment to the youth in his community and did so while coaching P.A.L. (Detroit Police Athletic League) baseball and basketball teams for several years. His background afforded him the opportunity to make a difference on a larger scale by working with State officials in Lansing, MI.


David began his second career with a State of Michigan regulatory agency that had oversight of child welfare agencies statewide. His strong belief that every child deserves an opportunity to succeed, led him to pursue involvement with various committees that aligned with his interest. Throughout his years of experience with the police force, David recognized a correlation between poor education and a lack of marketable skills leading to unemployment. This combination was often the cause of young people intersecting with law enforcement and producing unfavorable outcomes. David’s passion for helping his community succeed and gain long term skillsets is the driving force in his dedication to the Lynnette O. Blocker Foundation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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