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The MISSION on the LOBF, is to Serve as a financial resource to individuals pursuing a career in the areas of the Skilled Trades Industry and to encourage one's quality of life.

Our vision is to provide financial resources and educate the communities on the history, need for skilled trade workers and the many career choices that can be pursued as a way to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families...

Check out some of our goals..

  • To provide financial education and support for Skilled Trades

  • Partner with Educational and Trade Institutions

  • Become a voice for the Skilled Trade profession

  • Increase awareness to the global community pertaining to skilled trade opportunities

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Lynnette O. Blocker

Lynnette O. Blocker Foundation, created by Lynnette O'Lia Horn-Blocker.  As a State of Michigan certified educator, she obtained much career success in the areas of:  Music, Special Education, Secondary Administration, and Leadership Coaching. She has more than forty years of developing curriculum for young students and adults.  Mrs. Blocker observed many curriculum changes with the removal of the Career Technical Education classes (better known as Skilled Trades) from schools throughout the United States.  This caused a decrease in exposure and training students in non-traditional skills that would improve their self-esteem and quality of life.  Growing up with two parents who were committed to earning a living using their knowledge and expertise in "skilled trades" and watching many family members share their talents of trades with each other, she decided to create an opportunity for others to reach beyond the traditional two and four year colleges and have the option to enter the industry of Skilled Trades.

Her vision became a reality in June 2019, founding of the Lynnette O. Blocker Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  The mission of LOBF is to serve as a financial resource to individuals pursuing a career in various areas of the Skilled Trades industry and to encourage the growth of one's quality of life.


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