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Path to a
New Career

The Lynnette O. Blocker Foundation is using its years of experience and knowledge to better assist students with financial resources to help eliminate some of the expenses that can incure while obtaining new skills...


With the financial resources provided by the foundation, our applicants  are better able to prepare for the items necessary for training, such as books, working materials and transportation...We Also offer Skilled Trade Resource Seminars

Certifications, Licensing in Skilled Trades requires:
  1. Earn a High School Diploma or Equivalent

  2. Take courses and training at a technical or vocational school

  3. Obtain an Apprenticeship Certification

  4. Become licensed through a union or trade association with the title journeyman to master...

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Our Mission

The MISSION on the LOBF, is to serve as a financial resource to individuals pursuing a career in the areas of the  Skilled Trades Industry and to encourage one's quality of life.

Our vision is to provide financial resources and educate the communities on the history, need for skilled trade workers and the many career choices that can be pursued as a way to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families along with their self-esteem...

Our Goals

With the services we provide, we make making the transition from one path to the next as seamless as possible.  make sure to check out all the services.. 

Financial Resource/ Scholarship Applications

LOBF is a non-profit 501(c) 3 scholarship program:  "Open Minds to New Pursuits."

Scholarships are available to applicants who live in the Detroit Metro Surrounding area.  More information forth coming.  We invite you to continue checking our site for updates...